10 Best Electric Scooter Safety Tips


Who wouldn’t love to ride an electric scooter in the UK? These amazing scooters are the best alternative to conventional cars, as they save a lot of money in terms of maintenance, fuel, and you wouldn’t even get stuck in traffics. However, it’s also very important to ride these scooters in a safe manner. Any fail can result in grave injuries. 

First and foremost, you must purchase your scooter from a renowned brand. Once you’ve passed that stage, make sure to follow all the safety rules and guidelines to protect yourself from any hazards. 

Good quality electric scooters are well-equipped with a lot of features. These include removable comfortable seats, chain drive, dual brakes (front and rear), strong shocks, LED lights, a water-proof control box, robust disc brakes on both breaks, and much more. That said, all these features will only be of good use to you If you know how to properly use all these features. 

Whenever you purchase an electric scooter, you’ll get a manual that outlines all the instructions and guidelines to ride the bike effectively. These rules, if followed properly, will reduce the likelihood of accidents. Here we have mentioned some important tips for you.

  • Go Through The Complete Manual

The vast majority choose to read the complete manual after they have purchased the scooter. This isn’t an effective approach. Make sure to go through the manual before you buy the bike. This will help you understand if the particular scooter is best suited for you, and what safety options does it offer. 

If you see that a certain scooter matches all your safety needs and has easy operating procedures, go ahead with your purchase. Otherwise, look for alternatives.

  • The Safety Gear

Once you’ve got yourself the right scooter for yourself, start considering other safety measures to ensure an effective and comfortable ride. Speaking of safety, the first most important thing you must have is a helmet. Just like a skateboard or any other scooter, make sure you wear a helmet everytime you head out on an e-scooter. 

Elbow pads, knee pads, and helmets are specifically made for scooters. This protective equipment will save you from any untoward circumstances and accidents. Also, if you’re riding at night, consider getting a visibility jacket so that other vehicles can easily spot you on the road.

  • Learn The Operating Procedures

Although the manual or guidebook will be sufficient for learning the operating procedures, you shouldn’t just rely on learning through a written script. Make sure to practice well before you get on the road. If you’re not familiar with all the intricacies of the model you’ve bought, do NOT ride in a crowded region. Doing so will only have you end up creating problems for yourself and other pedestrians. Get a good grip on all the functionalities of your scooter. Start by focusing more on the basics – like brakes, dashboard, battery usage, lights, and handling.

  • Ride Solo

Youngsters have a great penchant for adventure. This love for adventure and fun leads them to do certain things that can be very dangerous. For instance, tagging along with a friend on their electric scooter. Know that scooters should be ridden alone. These bikes are for one person only. The scooter cannot handle the weight of two people, and you’ll end up injuring yourself and the other person with you, while also damaging your precious scooter in the process.

  • Follow All Traffic Rules

Just like you would do while driving a car, or a standard bike, you need to abide by all the road rules while riding an e-scooter. That said, make sure you are operating your bike in the right places. There are certain regions and states where the law does not allow electric scooters on the road. Know your state regulations to avoid running into any sort of problems.

  • Avoid Stunts

Electric scooters are NOT meant for doing stunts. If you’re buying one to show off skills, try finding any other electric vehicle for that. By putting any additional pressure on the bearings, wheels, joints, stems, or brakes will lead to deterioration of the scooter, and also cause accidents.

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