Enjoying your Electronic scooters responsibly: 7 safe riding tips for electric scooter


Riding e-scooters is only fun when it’s safe. There’s no point in purchasing an electronic vehicle without taking the necessary precaution into consideration. In this article, we shall discuss the safety aspect of riding an electric scooter in the UK

The new electric scooters are so much fun to have. They are compact, easy to maneuver, and offer a multitude of features. However, there’s always some risk attached to it when you take it out for a ride. So risks you can eventually avoid once your skillset enhances, such as handling sharp turns. However, there are certain things you should always take special care of. 

Here are 7 safe riding tips for you that’ll make your experience with electric scooters fun and safe:

Protect your body and head

Never forget, riding will only bring you joy and pleasure until you are safe. Take all the necessary precautions before you hop on that electronic scooter. It won’t be fun if you ride without the safety gadgets and end up hurting yourself.

A helmet is a must. If there’s one safety gear that you must always wear while riding, then it’s a helmet. However, ensure that your knees and elbows are properly protected as well. Remember, injuries can easily turn joy into misery!

Inspect the Bike

It is easy to get excited and hop on a bike only to realize a few meters later that it’s broken. It increases your chances of accidents and injuries. Ensure that your bike is in proper working condition before you take it out for a spin. 

Ensure the tires aren’t worn out. All the lights and the brake levers work fine. Once you are satisfied with the condition, you may then proceed to have all the fun you like.

Maintain a straight Posture

Slouching can create problems for your spine. Ensure that your spine is erect throughout your journey. If you feel tired, you may rest somewhere before continuing. 

Also, be aware of the bumps and rough surfaces. Slow down and ensure that the scooter takes minimum impact. If you move through rough patches fast, you can break the scooter and even hurt yourself. The impact can be even more painful if you are slouching. Thus, stand tall and straight!

Stay Focused

You can easily zone out while enjoying the ride and crash. The key is to enjoy while being mindful of the surroundings. Be aware at all times that there are people around you. Even no one’s around; you may end up crashing in a pole or a signboard!

Remember, be responsible once you hit the roads!

Avoid Riding in the rain

Wet roads can make your scooter lose grip easily. As a result, you are prone to accidents!

The key is to avoid riding in when the road is wet. Even if you are mid-journey and it starts raining, you should stop and resume only when roads are dry. If you absolutely have to move, then ride super slow. Ensure that you have the safety gear on, and be as cautious as you can!

Never Ride aggressively

Remember, aggressive riding will make you a threat to others. In fact, even you may end up hurting yourself! 

The key is to drive consciously and enjoy the electronic scooters to the max!

Follow the Law

Remember, disobedience of rules can easily result in penalties. Stay in your lane. Have protective gears on at all costs. Negligence can result in serious damages. 

Final Thoughts

Riding electronic scooters is extremely fun. They make you agile, allow you to avoid traffic, and even lets you have fun. However, you need to follow the necessary rules and caution so that you remain safe and don’t hurt yourself or others.

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