Why Are Electric Scooters Better Than Every Other Mode Of Transportation?


Electric scooters have taken over the world in a storm. Especially in the United Kingdom, where you see locals passing by you every day on electric scooters, and you wonder “man, this would look cool on me.” 

To be very honest, electric scooters in the UK have faced rising popularity recently. The reason behind this is the convenience factor, and the environmental friendliness e-scooters in the UK has to offer. Moreover, with over half a dozen transportation methods readily available in the United Kingdom at your doorstep, it might confuse you in choosing which option would best fit you. 

With that being said, let us talk about the traditional transportation methods first, so you will know why electric scooters are the best. Let’s start with public buses first. 

Public Buses.

They are cheap and convenient and the best option for most people. As almost every street in the United Kingdom has a bus stop, getting on a bus and reaching your desired destination is easier than ever. However, the problem lies in the timeliness as even a slight slip of a second can make you miss your bus; hence you will be late. This is quite a common problem as buses are offered by the government and their aim is to cater the general population. So, if you are late to catch the bus, you might just say goodbye to it for good. Moreover, even if you are on time, the chances are that you might not get on one as sometimes the buses are completely occupied. Buses more work on a first-come, first-serve basis, so there pretty much isn’t anything you can do about it. 


Taxis are the best. You step out of your home and raise your hand to the classic black car passing by, and just like that, you are all settled in to reach your destination. Taxis are utterly convenient. With approximately three hundred thousand taxis operating in the United Kingdom, it is unlikely that you might not find one. 

With taxis, some people often worry about how the ride fare is calculated. Rest assured, if the meter installed in the taxi is fine, you won’t be charged a single extra penny. However, if your destination is relatively close, then travelling via a taxi can be expensive. It is a proven fact that the shorter the trip, the more expensive the fare will be as the fares are not calculated proportionately according to the distance. Often, base fares are applied irrespective of where you want to go, so you’re short, five-minute ride might just cause your wallet to lose weight. 

The same goes for ride-sharing apps like Uber. In all honesty, compared to taxis, Uber and other similar apps are more convenient and user friendly. Unlike taxis, where you have to step out of your home and look for one, with these apps, you can book a ride from the comfort of your home and leave your house once the driver arrives. But what bugs the people the most is sometimes, when there is a high influx of rides, the fares shoot up due to high demand and low available drivers. It may be fair to some extent as, during these times, the drivers are considerably far and would have to travel extra just to pick you up. 

Now that the most common modes of public transportations are covered, let us talk about electric scooters. 

Electric Scooters.

You may be wondering why we skipped out on cars and motorcycles, and the answer is quite simple. If you own a car or a motorcycle, you wouldn’t have to travel via public transportations. Moreover, if you consider the fuel costs and the emissions caused by cars and motorcycles, it might cause a much more significant dent in your bank than you would expect. 

Be that as it may, it all comes down to electric scooters. The engineering put into the manufacturing of these glorious products are truly remarkable. Minimum maintenance. No emissions. No parking issues. No fuel costs. Almost negligible charging costs. What more can you ask for? If your destination is reasonably close by then, electric scooters are undeniably the Kings. 

Conclusive Thoughts.

Electric scooters, in all their glory, are truly remarkable innovations. Talking about electric scooters can take up hours and it still won’t be enough. So, if you require further information regarding electric scooters or want to purchase one, visit our website. The products mentioned on our website are of the highest quality and at reasonable prices so there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t check us out.

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