With the advent of time, mankind has advanced in all areas of life. The basic idea is to make life easier and more convenient for everyone. Transportation has always been a problematic area ever since the beginning of times. Initially, it was extremely slow and time-consuming but slowly and gradually mankind advanced in this race of life as well. From travelling on the back of animals to heavy automobiles, the journey has been quite a rollercoaster ride. With time, roads became fuller with vehicles causing traffic jams and congestion. One of the solutions for these problems is encouraging the use of e-scooters. So are scooters really the future of micromobility? Stick to this blog till the end to find out.

Cheaper And Cleaner

Even though you have to pay upfront on the purchase of an e-scooter, once it is running the costs are negligible. They help you save money in several ways. Firstly, you don’t have to worry about the high fuel costs. The maintenance charges are nothing as compared to the maintenance of cars. As they do not require any fuel, ultimately it does not emit any toxin in the air causing the environment to pollute. You need to recharge it on a timely basis but that does not cost much either. The best part about driving an electric scooter in UK is that you don’t need to pay any road tax. 

Environmentally Friendly 

We are well aware of the fact that automobiles are the main contributors to air and noise pollution. Although this technology has been extremely useful no one can deny how badly they have affected our ecosystem. The toxic gases released by cars and the amount of noise they produce is not helping the earth in any way at all. Carbon release from vehicles is one of the major reasons for global warming. In these alarming times, it is highly important to switch to a better and environmentally friendly mode of commute. E-scooters might be the best option in big congested cities. It will save you from all the traffic jams plus you will be playing your role to save the environment. It’s a win-win situation. If more people switch to e-scooter, a huge amount of air pollution will

E-scooters Or E-Cars

While considering the requirements of an e-scooter, one might say that why abandon vehicles on the whole and why not just switch to electric cars instead? As appealing as this might sound, the truth is that e-scooters are a better option even if you have to choose between an electric scooter and an electric car. Although electric cars do not require fuel and you would still be saving the environment but they still need a whole lot more electricity to charge as compared to e-scooters. At the end of the day, it’s all about saving power consumption. Moreover, an electric car would take as much space as a normal car so the aspect of the congested road still remains intact. You can save the environment with electric scooters but you definitely cannot escape rush hours and traffic jams.

With all the aforementioned reasons, it is quite evident that people over all the world are keen to switch to e-scooters. They are a faster, safer, environmentally friendly and potentially more practical method of going to and from work. In UK, electric scooters are not as popular as the rest of Europe but eventually, they will also catch up. So if you are also willing to switch to this means of transportation, Gongloo is here at your service!

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