Tips & Guide How to Fix an Electric Scooter


Having an electric scooter, like Ouxi Pro B200, comes with a lot of benefits. You are saving the environment, you don’t have to worry about the fuel costs, easy parking spaces and most importantly, low maintenance costs. Surely, e-scooters are very durable and are built in a way that they last for prolonged time periods. However, you need to be very careful about its parts and components as they can be damaged easily in comparison to regular vehicles. These damages can be caused due to overuse, overcharging and stress due to extreme riding conditions. This stress can malfunction different parts of the vehicle and in severe cases, even burn some particular parts. As an owner of an e-scooter, you must have basic knowledge of how to fix your scooter in times of an emergency. Consider this an educational blog and pay undivided attention as lessons learned today can save you from disastrous situations!

Motor Of Electric Scooter

E-scooters, mainly long-range e-scooter, uses electric motors that are fixed in the rear or front wheel. The motors are quite easy to install and repair and do not change the structure or design of the vehicle. You also have the option of turning off the motor and using the regular kick to start the vehicle. The motor comes in different designs such as:

  • Geared hub motors: Smaller and lighter motors with good range coverage but lesser power
  • Gear-less hub motors: Bigger and heavier with excellent efficiency and power
  • Brushed motors: They have more moving parts as compared to brush-less. They can handle more riding pressure as they are tough but they lack efficiency in some areas
  • Brush-less motors: With fewer moving parts, they are more efficient but also less tough.

If you have some knowledge about your motors, it will be fairly easier for you to figure out any issues and later be able to fix them. Without prior knowledge, there is absolutely no chance for you to be able to pinpoint the issues let alone fix them.

Fixing An Electric Scooter

Often time, finding out where the problem lies takes a lot more time than actually fixing it. Ironic, right? You can only fix an issue if you know what the problem is. If you have no idea about the problem, there is no way for you to be able to solve it. Here are some components that you should inspect:

  • The motor

First of all, you have to closely inspect your motor for any loose wires by gently pulling all the wires. In this way, you will know if any wire has burnt or melted. Check all the wires connected to the motor and smell it along with the other components. An overheated coil might be the reason for this and the speed controller could also be damaged due to a short circuit. In this case, the motor should be replaced.

  • Battery & charger

After checking the motor, you need to check the battery and charger. Connect it to the port and examine the indicator. If it does not work, replace the charger and try again

  • Throttle

If there is an issue with your throttle, you can check it with a 4.5-5V DC power source and multimeter. This can easily detect the problem and if this is the case, you should get the throttle fixed.

  • Power switch

You can switch on and off the power switch repeatedly. Sometimes the switch can get loose too which will not allow your vehicle to start. You can check this with the multimeter as well.

If none of these tips works, you can follow these instructions to discover a specific issue:

  • Check the fuse
  • Push the scooter to start
  • Charge the battery pack
  • Test brake lever switch
  • Test battery charger port
  • Test the battery on a running scooter
  • Inspect the speed controller

Here are some of the commonly faced problems and their solutions:

  • If the motor is running but the scooter does not move, inspect the power transmission system and make sure the belt is properly attached
  • If the key is lost, replace the key switch
  • If the fuse blows out, check for overload and defective electrical component. Also inspect the speed controller and motor.

This was a quick guide for you to figure out some minor problems that you could be facing in your scooter. It is always a better idea to take your scooter to a professional in case you are not sure about the damages for your safety and weel being.

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