Tips And Guide How To Fix An Electric Scooter


Escooters are considered as a revolution as it brings It is a common problem. A long-range escooter or just a typical electronic scooter can malfunction every now and then. Going out for a pleasant and refreshing ride and realising halfway that the scooter is not functioning correctly can be truly infuriating. Generally, electronic scooters are long-lasting pieces of electrical hardware, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t maintain your scooter. Regular maintenance can extend the life span of your escooter even more, so never forget that. Similar to any other vehicle, some parts of your escooter are more prone to sensitive damage. These damages may occur due to common factors such as overcharging or overuse etc. So, keeping a regular check on your electric scooter can be very beneficial.

All You Need To Know About the motors of Electric Scooters.

Electric scooters such as the Ouxi Pro B200 or any other electric scooter have different types of motors. Usually, the motors are incorporated into the front or rear wheel. However, this does not change the basic structure or design of the scooter. The motors can be easily installed and are easily accessible for repairs and service. You can also operate your scooter like a typical kick scooter by turning off the motor. The motor just moves alongside the wheels without affecting the overall motion. The different designs of the electric scooters are as followed:

  • Geared hub motors: These motors are light and small. Due to their less power, they have a more extended range coverage. 
  • Gear-less motors: compared to the geared motors, these motors are heavy and oversized and are more efficient and powerful.

How to fix an electric scooter?

Inspecting the scooter and spotting out the mistake can be time-consuming as even something futile can cause your scooter not to function correctly. Even if you do find the problem, knowing how to fix it is the real deal-breaker. If you are a beginner and want to learn how you can quickly fix your scooter, then you have come to the right blog.

  • Thoroughly inspect the motor.

You can start by checking for any loose or disconnected wires by simply pulling every wire and look for any melts or burn marks but make sure that none of them is disconnected. You can even smell the motor for any burns or busted wire connectors, as that is one of the most common problems in electric scooters. 

This can be caused by the overheating of coils. The speed controller can also be damaged due to a short circuit. In any case, we recommend replacing the motor immediately. 

  • Check the charger and battery.


For every scooter, the motor is the primary power source. Excessive riding or unnecessary stunts can cause this problem. Ensure that the charger is working too. Connect the charger and see if the charging indicator is on or off. If the indicator does not work correctly, then change the charger immediately. Using a busted charger can also cause further damage, so if you are aware of your charger’s problems, avoid using it at all costs.

  • Check for any leaks in circuits or fuses.


You can check the circuits or fuses for any burns due to overheating or overcharging. This can be quickly done if you utilise a multi-meter.

  • Test the throttle.


Testing the throttle can tell you if there is any fault with the motor. Rev it to its full potential and listen for any unnecessary noises. 

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