The Best Electric Scooters To Buy In 2021


These electric scooters will get you where you want to go, whether it’s for travelling, entertainment, or maybe both.

The electric scooter economy continues to grow at a fast pace, and it’s easy to see why, given the high-quality models available.

There are several choices available, so if you’re trying to buy an e-scooter, you might be overwhelmed by the variety. Choosing the right electric scooter is critical. It’s a significant investment, so you need one you’ll enjoy riding and that meets your requirements well.

But don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top electric scooters on the market to assist you. Because, despite their similar appearances, not all electric scooters are made equal.

Pure Air Go:

If you’re just getting started with e-scooters and don’t want to spend a lot of money, this is the electric scooter for you. With the UK’s ever-changing temperature, you’ll need models like this that can handle both water and rain. It’s water-resistant and comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Max Speed: 15.5 mph / 25 km/h

Range: 12.4 miles / 20 km

Weight: 16 kg / 35.2 lbs

Levy Electric Scooter:

It’s a fun and affordable scooter.

The Levy Electric Scooter makes this list because of its cost-to-utility ratio.

The air-filled tyres on the Levy provide a smooth trip. Unlike many other scooters, the battery is mounted in the steering tank, giving you the flexibility of a longboard on rough roads. The battery is also detachable. If you have a courtyard or stairs, you can lock the e-scooter and carry the battery inside to charge it.


Max Speed: 18 mph

Range: 15 miles

Weight: 27 lbs

Ninebot Segway Air T15:

Ninebot Segway makes one of the best lightweight electric scooters on the market.

It’s ideal for those who wish to conveniently fold it up in the trunk of a vehicle or drive it into public transportation, and it provides a comfortable trip as long as the roads are smooth and there aren’t so many steep hills to compete with.

There is an optimization technique due to the lightweight frame, small package, and creative overhead storage solution, but the Ninebot Segway Air T15 makes up for it with innovative extra features and a classy mobile app.


Max speed: 12.4 mph / 20 km/h

Range: 7.5 miles / 12 km

Weight: 10.5 kg / 23 lbs

EMOVE Cruiser E-Scooter:

It’s ideal for long-distance riders.

It has complete support in both the front and back, resulting in a luscious pleasant experience.

With a massive 52V 30AH LG battery connected to a 1,600W engine, this e-scooter is capable of climbing 20-degree hills and accommodating the heaviest of commuters.


Max speed: 42.2 km/h

Range: 81.0 km

Weight: 23 kg

AER 557 E-Scooter:

It is the most advanced e-scooter on the market. It is without a doubt one of the finest electric scooters available in the UK.

It not only has a nice look, with soft curves and elegantly rounded lines, but it’s also aesthetically built for reliability.

Being capable of travelling smoothly around without having to continuously correct one’s posture thanks to the 20-inch wheels makes cycling look utterly graceful.


Max Speed: 27 mph / 43 km/h

Range: 20 miles / 32 km

Weight: 23.5 kg / 51.8 lbs

Ouxi Pro B200 E-Scooter:

With solid 8.5″ wheels, a front LED light, and big rear brake light, this sleek new model is lightweight and small, enabling you to ride in complete ease day or night.

There’s also a double suspension, a wide board with front and rear lights, and Electric Brake and Disc Brakes that outperform their wired versions while having less maintenance. gongloo.store is now offering a 6-month parts warranty and free next-day shipping on the Ouxi Pro B200 E-Scooter.


Range: up to 18 miles

Speed: 25km/h

Charge time: 4-5 hrs

Weight: 11kg

Everyone nowadays has an e-scooter. It is the perfect ride for both kids and adults to travel with safety and speed.

With this guide, you can conveniently determine which e-scooter to purchase in the UK based on your requirements.

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