Nothing beats when it comes to providing quality products. We understand the needs of our customers, and therefore, we bring you the best quality features in our range of WiFi Smart Watches. The watch phone provides you with a one-stop solution for all your digital needs. The stylish and modern design of the 4G Phone WiFi Smart Watch will help you boost your fashion sense in no time.
Main Features:

The Wifi Smart Watch brings you the best two-way video calling facilities and support to give you an optimal experience when you talk to your peers when needed. You can also do family chats to stay connected with your loved ones at any time. The watch phone comes along with a number of other features, such as Security Guard, Movement Status Monitoring, Class Mode, Step Counter, Alarm Clock, Stop Watch and much more to give your life the boost that it needs. It also supports live GPS tracking to prevent your child from getting lost or losing the watch. You can also reject unwanted calls at any time.
What makes the Wifi Smart Watch the right choice for your child?

We understand the parental concern when it comes to social media interaction, therefore, the Wifi Smart Watch comes with a restriction mode which remotely allows you to access the watch and restrict watch usage during important hours such as school hours.
Display and Processing Units

Wifi Smart Watch, offered by brings you the latest display and processing speeds to make sure your child uses the watch in full swing. The front camera range varies from model to model. The Z6 Kids 4G Phone WiFi Smart Watch features a 5MP front camera (84.4°), the rear camera is 8MP (84°), so that you do not have any trouble whenever you want to video call with your child. You can have the best experience with this digital watch, as it uses 0.41 inches AMOLED Retina Screen as display and uses Qualcomm Snapdragon chips that sets it apart from the rest.
Privacy is Crucial

The devices come with EU GDPR standard and data compliance laws that make the safety of your child a guarantee. The products come with bank-grade security that makes sure that your child stays away from all sorts of trouble.
Quality Assurance’s range of smartwatches has been designed to bring you unmatchable quality and work to make sure they stay at the best of its performance for a longer time. They are water-resistant to save it from any accidents. The z6 watch comes with German TüV SüD WT-Mark safety certification, which ensures Material Safety, Radiation Safety, and Anti-fall and much more. It doesn’t get any better than this! You can order now and get a new Wi-Fi Smart Watch in a short timeframe. We provide a range of smart watches, AI robot toys and much more! Order Now!

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