How to ride an electric scooter safely – 5 Safety Tips You Need to Know


Over the past few years, the trend of electric scooter in the UK has constantly been rising. That is partly because riding an electric e-scooter is easier than bicycles, and they are much lighter than motorcycles. 

Given the current surge in the e-scooter trend, it is understandable if you suddenly have picked great interest in these shiny, sleek vehicles. That said, e-scooters can also harm you if you fail to use them accurately. 

Do not worry, for we have covered you by compiling five great safety tips.

  • Wear protective gear that could shield your trip and riding style

Donning on appropriate gear is crucial before hopping on these super stylish vehicles. So first off, you ought to put on a bike helmet. 

The second essential step is to get clothing that matches the type of trip you are about to take. If you are looking for ways to upgrade your speed, add gloves, long-leg pants, closed-toe shoes and a long-sleeved shirt. 

One can further elevate their gear by adding protective pads for the body more prone to damage if the accident occurs. Since the most vulnerable body parts are one’s knees and elbow joint, pads for these parts would be overkill for most riders. If you want to guard other parts of your body against any unfortunate circumstances, you should get them custom-made. 


  • Make sure you are familiar with the e-scooter and the controls it offers

Since it is prosperous to take your new e-scooter straight into a bustling road, you ought to give yourself adequate time to at least get familiar with its features and controls. Even if you are an expert e-scooter rider, it is essential to familiarise yourself with your brand new e-scooter. 

After buying or receiving the e-scooter, it is ideal to initially take it to a well-protected outside and acclimatise yourself with its brakes accelerator, horn and lights. Parking lots or relatively desolate public spaces are usually the best options.

If you prefer to be extra cautious, then you have an option to test out the e-scooter without turning it on or powering it up. This can be done by using the electric scooter as an archetypal kick scooter. Doing so will also give you an idea regarding the steering, balance and the vehicle’s brake.

  • Know how to fold the e-scooter

Once you are done testing and familiarising the e-scooter, it is time to equip yourself with folding it. Every e-scooter has a unique folding mechanism, and as a user, you must develop an understanding of its working.

Electric scooters are equipped with various folding stems and folding handlebars. Thus you need to know how to lock them into a place. Suppose you fear that your e-scooter might suddenly fold itself during your ride, fear not. That is because scooters from reputable brands like Gongloo have multiple mechanisms and safety features that can conveniently prevent them from suddenly folding.

Some e-scooters come with an audible click mechanism when they are correctly seated. Thus, you should also skim through the instructional manual and make sure you understand whether your scooter has this in-built system.

  • Before hopping on an e-scooter, do a pre-flight check 

Irrespective of how many times you have ridden an e-scooter, it is crucial to always do a brief pre-flight check before hopping on the e-scooter. The pre-flight checking is ideally composed of:

  1. Make sure the tires are in excellent condition, and each of them is well inflated with correct pressure.
  2. Check if the folding mechanism is locked into a place.
  3. Adjust the brakes properly.
  4. Check the appearance and the sound of your vehicle. Weird or awful noises from an e-scooter do not just form an unpleasant impression, but they also indicate internal damage.
  5. Always check if the battery of your e-scooter is adequate for the trip.
  6. Gear your bag for much longer rides (multi-tool, pump and tire slime)
  7. Keep your mobile with you, as you never know when an emergency kicks in.
  • Launch the e-scooter by kicking off 

After you have applied all the steps mentioned earlier, it is time to reward yourself for the smooth ride. Although launching an e-scooter is the easiest and the most enjoyable part, it can pose a danger if you have forgotten to check if the kickstand is up.

Now that you know all about safe e-scooter riding, it is time to visit Gongloo and get the most stylish and efficient UK’s electric scooter.

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