How To Properly Maintain Your Electric Scooter


Convenience and cost-effectiveness are the two most important elements we look for when we head out on the road. Electric scooters are arguably the best option to meet these needs. Apart from all the amazing benefits these scooters offer, they also require very little maintenance. However, if you own an E-scooter in the UK, few important measures can help you keep your smart vehicle always running smoothly.  

This blog focuses on maintenance tips that focus on two components of an electric scooter – the battery and other parts. 

Battery Maintenance

Electric scooters source their power from the attached battery, making these batteries the most significant component. Electric scooters have lithium-ion batteries that offer superb performance and are light-weighted since they are very small in size, compared to acid-filled batteries. Batteries have seen great advances over the years, as they are able to provide better efficiency and long timings. 

On that note, all batteries have a life cycle. When you notice that the battery’s abilities are diminishing, this is a clear indicator that the battery life is reaching its end. However, there are certain ways to maintain and improve the battery’s lifespan, which will ultimately help you maximize the life of your electric scooter:

  • Always Keep It Charged

You need to ensure that the battery is always sufficiently charged. Don’t ever let the battery fully deplete, neither should you leave it on charge after it’s full. The KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) of electric scooters works by converting the forward momentum to battery charge under breaking. Overcharging the batteries harms this component. According to experts, you can maximize the lifespan of your scooters by keeping the batteries at 90%. Also, the majority of lithium batteries provide 500-1000 charge cycles. One charge cycle refers to the time a battery takes from 100% – 0% – 100%. If you keep the battery topped up at all times, you’ll significantly reduce the number of full cycles.

  • Temperature

It is very important to learn that the daily operating temperature of the scooter has a notable impact on its life. You’ll have a guidebook or instructions manual from the manufacturer, which will clearly mention all the things you need to keep in check; this will also include the external factors important for the scooter. Keeping your electric scooter in extreme conditions like direct sunlight or very cold conditions will harm your vehicle. 

  • Use The Charger Supplied 

One of the most important things to look after is the charger you’re using to top up your batteries. Ideally, you should only use the charger that was supplied with the scooter, or an official replacement. Electric scooters come in different battery sizes and types, which is why you can’t use any charger for your asset. Using chargers of other scooters or older chargers will lead to several issues. These may include overcharging, improper charging, or undercharging leading to the deterioration of your batteries.

Things Other Than The Battery 

The battery is certainly one of the most significant components in your electric scooter, but this isn’t the only thing you should care for. In addition to the power sources of your electric scooter, your scooter is made up of general moving parts that will be prone to wear and tear. Stuff like wheels, brake pads, handles, folding joints, and many other things need proper care. Let’s talk about some of the important components in detail:

Folding Joints: these joints always get loose after some time. However, these joints can be simply adjusted and tightened whenever the need arises. You can use general household tools, or the ones provided with the scooter kit. Take a good look at the instructions manual that comes along with the scooter to get proper guidance on this matter.

Brakes: do consult the instructions manual or the customer service of the manufacturer you procured the scooter from for brake maintenance. If you have a scooter with disc brakes, you’ll need to replace the pads after they start producing weird sounds. These disc brakes also require regular adjustments and cleansing to prevent wear and tear.

Tires: electric scooters generally come with inflatable inner tube tires, while some have solid composite tires. Just like you keep a check on your car’s tires, you need to constantly check your electric scooter’s tires to see if they are worn down and need replacement. Also, make sure to keep them at the right pressure to protect the inner tube from excessive wear. Lastly, the rear tires come with heel brakes and they wear down relatively quicker than their front-end counterparts.

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