E Is For Environment: Unpacking The Benefits Of E-Scooters


There has been quite a debate about Electric scooters in UK that whether or not they are environmentally friendly. There is a lot of unanswered question like are shared e-scooters actually good for cities? Are they helping to reduce congestion and pollution? In this debate, the opinion that has the most value is of the general public. With the rightly-put system, these vehicles can surely provide a more convenient, enjoyable, pollution-free and efficient way of making short trips. Moreover, they can help recover public spaces for bikes and renew the lost concept of public transport. 

In this blog, we will explore the climatic aspect of e-scooters while keeping four factors in mind.

1- Energy Required By E-Scooters & Carbon Intensity To Produce It

Electric scooters have proved to be three times more efficient as compared to combustion engines. Moving a person on a 13-22 KG e-scooter requires just a fraction of the energy in comparison to a 1,360-1,800 KG vehicle such as a car or SUV. 

A research study concluded that scooters are over a thousand per cent more efficient per mile. The same distance covered by an average combustion vehicle takes a lot more amount of energy. 

Another important thing to keep in mind is that even if the batteries of e-scooters are powered by fossil fuels, the electricity emitted per mile is quite negligible.

2- Collection, Recharging & Distribution Of E-Scooters

The method of handling the charging of e-scooters and how they are redistributed to balance the area they cover can be the main factor to determine the emissions. Suppose they are picked up one by one in a truck run by diesel, the amount of emissions is a lot more. Luckily, improving the efficiency of pickup, recharging and distribution constitute a substantial value in the financial interests of the companies. Hence, we see a lot more innovative means such as the use of cargo bikes, scooters with changeable batteries and electric vehicles in general. This is a lot cheaper as well as less emissions-intensive to change the battery than pick it up and charge it every time is low on battery.

3- Emissions From The Manufacture Of Scooters

In the beginning, the manufacturing of e-scooters faced a lot of criticism. However, in a very short span of time this market as well as shared scooters took a climb from economical personal use e-scooters to improved and enhanced e-scooters for sharing. These scooters come with a lot more reliability and durability. They are extremely efficient considering the congested roads of big cities and round the clock traffic jams. This means of transportation has evolved at a very rapid speed and determining the overall impact on the environment can be a bit of a task. In the starting, e-scooters would mostly malfunction and break down within two months of usage and required frequent replacements. The issue of disposal was also quite problematic. After recognizing this issue, the manufacturers took this into consideration and designed scooters to be used in a harsh and shared system. Although durability is the best benefit, it can also increase manufacturing emissions such as requiring more material and energy. Still, this is more beneficial as durability increases the lifespan which is totally worth the emissions. The longer it lasts, the more it will have worked before requiring disposal or recycle.

4- Integration Into Existing Mobility Ecosystem

Last but not the least, the way scooters are used and what they can be used in place of is of very high importance. Statistical reports prove that approximately 36% of e-scooter trips have replaced walking trips, 10% have replaced biking trips, 10% have replaced public transit trips, and no less than 36% have replaced regular vehicle trips including carpooling and ride-sharing. As you might know that Santa Monica is the home of the first-ever shared scooter trial. It was reported that car trips were replaced by 49% of e-scooter trips. Although the data is limited it is enough to provide a sufficient idea that scooters are indeed replacing most modes of transportation and are creating mobility for new trips.

To conclude, the concept of shared e-scooters has been evolving and steadily improving the climate. So if you are convinced by this blog that e-scooters are a much better option in today’s world, get your hands on one today. In UK, electric scooters are available in ample varieties. So without any delay, contact Gongloo and get the e-scooter of your dreams!

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