E Is For Environment: Unpacking The Benefits Of E-Scooters


There are many contradictions regarding electric scooter UK. Many people wonder whether they are good or bad for the city and climate, considering that they are used on a sharing basis. The general opinion about electric scooters is quite convoluted as no one knows which side to take. The media and public often miss the central point that the answer is entirely dependent on us, the general population. If we can expect a positive response from the public, these small electric vehicles can prove to be more convenient and efficient ways to cover short distances. This will also help in reclaiming long-forgotten public spaces for bikes and an increase in public transit usage.

If you want to learn more about the positive impact on climate caused by electric scooters, keep reading this blog as you will learn everything about emissions from electric scooters. Spoiler alert: the answer comprises of 4 different factors.


Electric motors are comparatively three times more efficient than traditional combustion engines. As this state of the art technology has the ability to move a person on a 30 to 50-pound electric scooter, compared to three thousand to four thousand pounds car or SUV, electric scooters only take a fraction of energy. A recent study suggests that electric scooters are a thousand times more efficient per mile than a typical gasoline engine considering the amount of energy required to move them. Even if the batteries of electric scooters start to rely on fossil fuels as a source of energy, the emission per mile would still be close to zero. 


Surely, electric scooters require more attention. The way they are handled for charging and then redistributed to cover the entire area can play a key role in determining the number of emissions they create. For example, if they are one by one picked up in a truck consisting of a diesel engine, the emissions can be massive. Unfortunately, efficiently picking up, recharging and distributing electric scooters is not in the financial interest of the manufacturing companies. This is exactly why we are blessed with improved innovations now such as cargo bikes, scooters with replaceable batteries and the legendary electric cars. For scooters with replaceable batteries, it is cheaper to just put in new batteries and start riding instead of having every scooter individually picked and then charged for later use. Moreover, replaceable batteries are less emissions-intensive too. 


In the early days of manufacturing electric scooters, these devices received a lot of heat. In less than twenty four months, the market graduated from using personal use cheap electric scooters to optimizing them for sharing basis with improved efficiency and durability. This, however, is by far the fastest evolving transportation segment today and estimating the amount of overall environmental effect can be difficult. Before this revolution, the electric scooters used to break down after two months of usage in the old days, which in addition required more frequent replacement. This, all combined together sabotages the main goal of the electric scooters companies, to preserve the environment. To tackle this issue, manufacturers quickly switched to electric scooters designed to withstand more abuse of a shared system. Although making electric scooters more durable can be less efficient, in the long run, it proves to be the opposite as less maintenance also plays a hand in low emissions. 


Another imperative factor is the usage of scooters and what are they being substituted for? In the major cities of the country, 36% of electric scooter trips are a replacement for walking, 20% are alternatives for biking and public transit and another 36% of electric scooter trips are a replacement for automotive vehicle trips. A recent study also suggests that about 49% of electric scooter rides in Santa Monica are a replacement for car trips. Although the data is limited, it is safe to say scooters are now replacing multiple modes of transport and are making the cities more environmentally friendly.

These factors establish the fact that escooters are certainly beneficial for the environment along with the convenience they offer to people using them. Looking for a fair-priced and high quality escooter in the UK? Head over to Gongloo right away. 

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