Electronic scooters are pretty famous these days in the UK. More people are buying electric scooters, and that’s the reason that sales are breaking records. However, one should remember that the government has banned riding scooters in public places, including cycle paths and pavements, but you can enjoy riding in your private lands. 

Today, an electronic scooter in the UK is well equipped with features and technologies, including an LED headlight, water-resistant control box, front and rear brakes, chain drive, dual front and rear shocks, and a comfortable seat. Despite all these features, if one is not careful, there may be consequences. To protect you from those consequences, we are here to save the day. Read our tips and enjoy riding E-scooter. 


Manuals are more critical than we think. Most of us ignore the manuals and start riding. We always suggest that when you get your new bike, read the manual first before doing anything. The manual will explain each mechanism and feature of the scooter. This will help you understand your scooter in a better way. 


You have your scooter, and you read the manual. Now, what? The first thing that should come to your mind is safety. Remember, nothing is more important in life than health. If you are in one piece, you might conquer Mount Everest. Hence, always wear safety gear when you ride an electric scooter or any other two-wheel vehicle. 

You will need a helmet, elbow and knee pads, and gloves (if required) for safety. It is suggested that you should buy safety gear at the time you order your scooter. It will save your time, and you will be able to ride the moment you get your hands on the scooter. 


A person learns everything if they desire. Practice makes a person perfect. It doesn’t matter if you have read every page of the manual. You will need to practice your skills in the real world. The manual and YouTube tutorials will give us theory, but practical is in your hands. We suggest you start with lower speeds and ride in safe areas. Keep working on your skills. Once you get familiar with your scooter, you can ride at high speeds but not without safety gear. 


Take a phone as an example. When we purchase a new phone, we don’t know much about its battery timing, charging timing, durability and many other things until we get familiar with it. The same goes for the scooter. Once you know your scooter, you will know how long it will take your scooter to run dry on the battery. It doesn’t matter if you have a powerful battery in the electric scooter. If you are not familiar with it, the battery may die in the middle of your journey. 


As a UK citizen, you should know that riding electric scooters in public places is illegal. This means that people are not allowed to ride even on cycle paths. Therefore, you should always avoid riding your scooter in public areas. However, if you have private land, then nobody will stop you. 


All new riders should know that an electric scooter is explicitly designed for a single person only. Therefore, always ride alone and never allow another person, not even a kid. We say this because the weight limit of an electric scooter is very low. It may not be able to handle another person. So, allowing another person on your scooter may cause severe consequences for you, your partner as well as your scooter. 


In the final thoughts, we would suggest that you should wear leather gear. The usage of leather gear has increased among bike and electric scooter riders. Due to its dual nature (flexible yet sturdy), leather protects a person from road scratches. Also, including leather gloves in your safety gear is a good idea. As a regular rider, you know that the fun can be turned into tragedy. Therefore, we suggest always follow the rules and take all the safety measures. You never know what comes next.   

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